Help Support Families Dealing With Lung Diseases In Saskatchewan

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Ralph Harris was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis in 2016, a disease that had earlier claimed the lives of his sister and father. His sister Karen had needed a double lung transplant but never received new lungs and unfortunately passed away in 2014.

Pulmonary fibrosis affects one’s breathing as it causes the part of the lung where oxygen is moved to the blood to become thick and stiff. Simply put, pulmonary fibrosis is the scarring of the lungs. With this disease, it is hard to fully expand the lungs when taking a breath, thus making breathing very difficult.

In his words, “After watching your dad and sister pass from the same disease you are diagnosed with, you come to accept that it is part of your life and learn to stay positive.” After a four-year wait, Ralph got the call to receive new lungs in 2020. It was a call that changed his life forever! Thankfully, the double lung transplant surgery was successful and there were no complications.

We are grateful for the support of our donors whose contributions help us to keep supporting people like Ralph. Ralph joined our Pulmonary Fibrosis Support Group on Facebook and remained active in the group even after his surgery. He also applied for and received financial support through our Caring Breaths Financial Assistance Program.

Please give to our cause today by purchasing a ticket with prices starting at only $30. Those who purchase a ticket can also add on a 50/50 ticket for another chance to win!

All funds raised support vital research, advocacy, education, and patient support programs in Saskatchewan. We are here to help Saskatchewan improve lung health one breath at a time.

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